Buying a Home

Making an Offer to Purchase

Presenting the Offer to Purchase or an Agreement of Purchase to the vendor is the first step to buying your home. Your personal home is very likely the largest investment you will ever make. It is always advised that you work closely with your real estate agent a lawyer when you are preparing your offer. It is very important to remember that an Offer to Purchase or Agreement of Purchase and Sale is a legal document, and as such should be taken very seriously.

The typical offer or agreement will include:

It is very common to have the offer reviewed and then countered. Multiple offers may be required, this can be a bit of an uncertain time that requires patience and assertiveness. It is also very exciting as each step brings you closer to owning your first home.

Steps for the Offer to Purchase

At the time that you make an Offer to Purchase, it is very common that your lawyer or real estate agent will very likely add a number of conditions to the offer. These conditions are put in place to protect you as the buyer. The contract will become final following all of the conditions being met in full. Typically for first time buyers the conditions that are included are the following:

  1. A home inspection report.
  2. An appraisal of the property.
  3. Approval from the mortgage lender.

Home Inspection

It is very important to ensure that the property you’re considering purchasing is inspected by is inspected by a professional home inspector. The inspector will bring an increased level of certainty that the property is of solid construction and well made. Often the home inspector will be able to notice things that most non professionals may miss. Catching any structural problems at this stage will save a great deal of heartache and money in the future.

New Home Warranty Programs

Generally new home warranty programs are provided by provincial and territorial governments, but there are private new home warranty programs. These warranty programs are not available in Nunavut and the Northwest Territories. Check with your real estate agent or lawyer/notary to find out what the new home warranty program in your province or territory covers.