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My name’s George Moutsouroufis and I come from a long line of farmers. Back in the old country, my Grandfather was a farmer, his father was a farmer and so on as far back as we can trace our heritage. As the farming profession is essential to the function and health of any society, my experience as a child was shocking. My father had one bad year at the farm, following this, the bank immediately turned their back on my dad and the farm. This was very distressing to my father and the whole family. Why would such a large institution walk away from such a clearly solid investment seems counter intuitive. From this experience, I learnt that banks cannot be relied upon to support you in times of real need. It was at a very young age that I set my sights on ensuring that what happened to my father never happens again to anyone else.

To ensure that farmers had other more reliable options to turn to during tough times, I decided that I would become Financial Planner and a licensed Mortgage Broker. As soon as I was able, I started PUNEET GARG EXPERT MORTGAGE, and I can proudly say that we have been specializing in agricultural lending for over 20 years. Providing farmers across the country with the help my father needed at a crucial time

I have a select group of highly motivated private lenders that enable be to leverage their investment intent with my goals. Ultimately, I am able to help those in need and provide some real results in a short time. Asking banks to do this requires jumping through many hoops and often to no avail as their application denial rates are often quite high. So, with over 400 private lenders to back me up, I am able to determine the best course of action to help my clients.

The vast majority of banks are forced to follow standard commercial banking lending practices that limit the types of loans and clients that they can underwrite. A lot of the time these guidelines make absolutely no sense for those in the farming industry and they we not designed to suit the demands and specific needs of the industry.

Taking a moment to get in touch with us could be the moment your finances and business take a huge step forward. Not to mention the decreased level of stress you will experience, this will allow you to focus on what is most important to the business and your family.

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Calling PUNEET GARG EXPERT MORTGAGE will allow you to benefit from our large roster of private lenders and ultimately provide you with the tools to ensure that you avoid losing your business and home. Usually we have found people reluctant to apply for credit because of bad credit, poor cash flow, power of sale, mortgage arrears and tax arrears. With PUNEET GARG EXPERT MORTGAGE, you do not need to worry about these things, we can help you today.