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Bad Credit Mortgages in Aurora

About Aurora

Aurora (2016 population 55,445) is a town in central York Region in the Greater Toronto Area, within the Golden Horseshoe of Southern Ontario, Canada. It is located north of the Town of Richmond Hill and is partially situated on the Oak Ridges Moraine. In the Canada 2016 Census, the municipal population of Aurora was the 95th largest in Canada, compared to 97th for the 2006 Census. Aurora has been ranked in the top 10 wealthiest towns in Canada. Aurora is situated just north of the Oak Ridges Moraine and borders Newmarket in the north, Richmond Hill in the south, King City in the west and Whitchurch–Stouffville in the east.

Bad Credit Mortgages & Second Mortgages in Barrie

Although there are many lenders in Barrie advertising fantastic mortgage rates on first and second home loans, many of these lenders only cater to individuals who have outstanding credit. Fortunately, if you are in need of a bad credit mortgage in Barrie, you have come to the right place. Private lenders can often provide funds when traditional lenders turn you down.

The Private Lender Difference

Whereas a bank relies almost solely on your credit score to determine its risk in lending to you, this is not the case when you apply for private home loans in Barrie. Private lenders look at other qualifications, which might include things such as your employment history, your overall income, the amount of disposable income, the size of your down payment, any collateral you might have, the equity in your home, and even the amount that you currently pay in rent each month. Your credit score does not define your character when you apply for poor credit mortgages in Barrie.

The Difficulty of a Second Mortgage

Many people find it difficult to obtain second mortgages in Barrie due to credit limitations. However, these same individuals need the second mortgage in Barrie in order to consolidate and reduce their debts. Private lenders consider things other than your credit history, making it easier for you to obtain the funds you need to pay down debt. Whether you have poor credit or limited equity, there are ways for you to qualify. As long as you have equity in your home, you have options available to you.

When your credit is less than perfect, finding a loan is difficult – especially a first or second mortgage. Private home loans in Barrie are available to you despite your current credit situation. As long as you have stable income and you can make timely payments, you can get the money you need for the house you and your family want.