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Honesty Please provide all important details to us. To process any credit application we will need to review your history. Lenders may understand negative items, but will surely reject an application with wrong information. Full disclosure is the best policy. Loyalty We work hard to assist you and strive to offer a high level of personal service. If you find a more competitive rate elsewhere, please let us know. Simply backing away following lender negotiations may jepoardize our relationships for the next client. Please maintain your integrity, loyalty and confidence in our service!

Bad Credit Mortgages in Belleville

About Belleville

Belleville (Canada 2016 Census population 50,716; census agglomeration population 103,472) is a city located at the mouth of the Moira River on the Bay of Quinte in Southern (Central) Ontario, Canada, along the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. It is the seat of Hastings County, but politically independent of it, and is the centre of the Bay of Quinte Region.

Bad Credit Mortgages

Even if you have been turned down by the bank, we have a variety of alternative lenders that will gladly consider your application.

Alternative lenders available for Purchases, Refinances, Equity take-outs, Renewals and Debt consolidations in Canada.

Most banks have strict lending guidelines they must follow, leaving no room for any mistakes. So if you don’t have A+ credit chances are you will be hearing “NO” quite a bit. Whether you have an outstanding collection or past bankruptcy we want to help you Get Approved!

When it comes to bad credit mortgages we offer our clients two options:

1. Assistance with rebuilding and repairing credit in order to qualify for a mortgage with a lower down payment and interest rate >>> within 6 -12 months.

2. Arranging a mortgage through either an alternative mortgage lender or Private Lender at a higher rate of interest. If your credit score is lower than 540 you will need Private Funds, for purchase you will need a min. 20% down payment or for refinance the loan amount cannot exceed more than 80% of the value of the home.