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Honesty Please provide all important details to us. To process any credit application we will need to review your history. Lenders may understand negative items, but will surely reject an application with wrong information. Full disclosure is the best policy. Loyalty We work hard to assist you and strive to offer a high level of personal service. If you find a more competitive rate elsewhere, please let us know. Simply backing away following lender negotiations may jepoardize our relationships for the next client. Please maintain your integrity, loyalty and confidence in our service!

Commercial Loans

When looking to develop a new business or expand an existing one, there are various levels of investment opportunities can be looked at when looking to achieve your goals. Examples of the type of expenditures include the purchase of production equipment to increase output or expanding the transportation capabilities of the business through the purchase of more vehicles.
At PUNEET GARG MORTGAGE ADVISOR, we fully understand and appreciate the business need for additional financing for many reasons. For this reason, we have ensured that our clients have access to a wide range of commercial loan products each with flexible repayment terms. These include some of the most competitive fixed or variable interest rates on the market.

Are you able to tell me how a commercial loan can benefit my business?

Primarily, the commercial loans that we offer are designed for small to medium sized businesses. A commercial loan can be used to develop a range of products or services previously unavailable to your customers. Sometimes these changes can only be accomplished through a sizable investment in the business. These types of loans can also allow you to make large purchases for your business, or additionally you could acquire another business. This would allow you to benefit from both personnel and equipment.
When it comes to looking at the advantages of using PUNEET GARG MORTGAGE ADVISOR to provide these commercial loans we are able to extend some of the most competitive interest rates in the industry, providing both secured and unsecured options with flexible repayment terms. All of these fantastic features are available for both large and small loan amounts.

Our application process is one of the fastest and most comprehensive in the business, you will be surprised how quickly we are able to accurately asses your needs and provide approval to your tailored commercial loan. We also allow our clients to have direct access to their accounts to ensure full transparency and peace of mind for all concerned.

Improve Cash Flow with a Commercial Loan

One more fantastic advantage to a commercial loan is that of an improved business cash flow. With the loan you are able to design a re payment plan that suits the functionality of your business. This allows you the flexibility to have the funds readily available to improve other aspects of the business.

Commercial Properties Are Eligible for Tax Deductions
Don’t forget that we can also advise you of ways to benefit from owning your business as it pertains to tax breaks. This includes any and all maintenance that you undertake to the property itself. Being aware of each of these aspects of how a commercial loan can help your business can save you a lot of money over time. Ultimately making the business much more profitable and securing a bright future for yourself and your employees.