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Second Mortgage Haldimand County

About Haldimand County

Haldimand County is a rural city-status single-tier municipality (but called a county) on the Niagara Peninsula in Southern Ontario, Canada, on the north shore of Lake Erie, and on the Grand River. Municipal offices are located in Cayuga.

The county is adjacent to Norfolk County, the Brant County, the City of Hamilton, and the Regional Municipality of Niagara.

Haldimand’s history has been closely associated with that of neighbouring Norfolk County. Haldimand was first created as a county in 1800, from a portion of Norfolk. It was named after the governor of the Province of Quebec Sir Frederick Haldimand. In 1844 the land was surrendered by Six Nations to the Crown in an agreement that was signed by the vast majority of Chiefs in the Haldimand tract.[citation needed] From 1974 to 2000, Haldimand County and Norfolk County were merged to form the Regional Municipality of Haldimand-Norfolk.

Beginning in February 2006, a land dispute by native protesters began near Caledonia over a housing development being built on the outskirts of town, which members of the nearby Mohawk Six Nations people claim is rightfully their land.

Haldimand Private Lenders

When every lender turns you down you can only turn to private lenders for financing. As an alternative source of financing, Haldimand Private Lenders provide you with loans with flexible terms of payment that others struggle to match. Our business strives to work with specialised mortgage brokers on all branches and Haldimand is no exception. Through a speedy process, our private mortgage brokers are able to tell you whether you qualify for a loan in a matter of minutes.

Haldimand Home Appraisers

Appraisals are an important step in determining the amount of loan a client may receive. The second mortgage lender has to get an appraisal of your home to understand its value. Property value is determined by the most recent selling price of similar pieces of real estate around it. Home prices fluctuate very much in Haldimand so lenders demand valuations that are no more than six months old. The higher the property value, the more likely that you will be able to borrow more money to solve your immediate needs.

Haldimand Mortgage Refinancing

Refinancing a home mortgage loan means that you pay off all existing debt in exchange for a fresh mortgage loan. A home is no doubt a valuable asset that you must protect before working with private refinancing lenders. The right professional will inform you about the benefits and risks to help you make the right decision.

It all comes down to working with reputable players in the industry who put your needs way ahead of the paycheck. Our team provides much-needed assistance to Haldimand residents. We have the necessary experience and skills to make sure that the decision to seek mortgage refinancing is indeed the right one.

Haldimand real estate market

The city is surrounded by several attractions like the Grand River, Toronto Motor Sports Park, Haldimand county Museum and Killman Zoo to name but a few. It is in close proximity to Norfolk, Brant, Hamilton counties and the regional municipality of Niagara. Ontario Highway 3 and 6 travel through the city meaning that you can access it from most parts.

There are several neighbourhoods in Haldimand county including Dunnville, Fisherville, Selkirk, South Haldimand, Cayuga, Hagersville, Caledonia and Jarvis. Dunnville is notable for its location near the mouth of the Grand River near the historic Talbot Trail. It is a neighbourhood with rich history and private vacation properties. Tuesday and Saturday are the Farmers’ market days in this area where fairs and festivals tend to be the norm.

The other popular neighbourhood is Cayuga which lies between Caledonia and Dunnville. The village is known for affordable housing, good schools, churches, shopping amenities and other facilities. Visitors enjoy the museum, parks, pavilion near the river, Ruthven Park, or join car racing enthusiasts at Cayuga Motor Speedway.

If you wish to work with Haldimand Second Mortgage brokers for any of their services, feel fee to fill out our contact form for a free quote or email the president Ron Alphonso at ron@mortgagebrokerstore.com for free advice.