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Second Mortgages in Ontario

What is Second Mortgage?

The second mortgage is basically a loan that is subordinate to the original loan against the same property. In simple terms, it is called the second loan. You can have multiple loans against the same property. The loan registered first is called the first mortgage and so on. If the mortgage loan against the property goes into default then the person needs to pay or clear the first loan before the second loan gets any money.

You can obtain the second loan in the following ways:

Home Equity Loan

You need to own a home with equity in order to get the second loan. The amount of money you can get as the second mortgage relies on factors such as income, the appraised value of your property, credit history (good or bad) etc. In most cases, you will get 100 percent of the appraised value of your home but there are some lenders that may go beyond 100 percent.

Both Mortgages Together (Second Mortgage & First Mortgage)

In some cases, you may want to get the second loan while purchasing your home. The ratio can then either be 80:20, 85:15 or 100 percent. This type of mortgage can give you an option to buy a home with almost no down money. You need to have a strong credit history to be eligible for 80:20 mortgage. In some cases, lenders at least require three to twenty percent of the purchase price.

You need to keep the following things in mind before getting the second mortgage

  1. When is repayment required? Know about the duration of the second loan.
  2. Your monthly payments cost & what it includes.
  3. Interest rate.
  4. Additional costs associated with the second

Always go for the reliable company that will offer you loans either first or second at competitive rates and has maximum approvals.

We Provide Second Mortgages in All of Ontario Including

Ontario Information

Ontario, located in east-central Canada is a province that borders the US and the Great lakes. Ottawa, Canada’s capital is located in Ontario and is known for the Parliament Hill’s Victorian architecture and the National gallery. Ontario is Canada’s leading manufacturing province and its largest trading partner is the American state of Michigan. Ontario is conceptually divided into two regions, Northern Ontario and Southern Ontario. The majority of the province’s population is located in the south.

Ontario Real Estate Market

Ontario has always been a hot market for real estate. According to CREA, Average Prices and sales activity reached new heights in the first half of 2016 in Ontario, mainly in the GTA. Ottawa the nation’s capital seemed to have a modest growth. It is also forecasted by CREA that sales activity should ease over the second half of the year in Ontario on a national basis.

Ontario Mortgage Brokers

A Mortgage broker in Ontario acts as a link between a second mortgage lender and a borrower. It is the job of a Mortgage broker to assess the borrower’s details to match the best mortgage product and rates associated with it. We have the expertise and skills to grant you the best mortgage rates in the province. Call us today so we can match the best second mortgage rates for you.

Ontario Private Lenders

When banks won’t finance your second mortgage loan, a private lender may approve you even if you have a low income or bad credit. Private lenders will finance your second mortgage on the basis of the equity in your home. Our Teams are connected with private second mortgage lenders in every city in Ontario who have approved second mortgages to many of our clients within just a few weeks.

Ontario Home Appraisers

While Mortgage brokers will help you in finding the best second mortgage rates, Home appraisal professionals will help you understand the value of your property. They will give you information on the recent selling prices of other homes in your area and how you home compares with them. Most lenders will require that a licensed home appraiser look at a property before approving a mortgage.

Ontario Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage refinancing lets you pay off your current loan by taking out a new one.

Refinancing helps you to consolidate debts into a single debt which in turn helps improve your credit rating. Refinancing also gets you a lower interest rate on your mortgage. A lower rate means lower payments. Thus you will end up paying less for your home overall.

Call our team of mortgage brokers today to find out the best options for a Second mortgage loan or if you’re looking to Refinance.